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Song: We Dare to Believe

Released ℗ 2015 Vineyard Worship Canada, exclusively distributed by Integrity Music

We Dare to Believe

-Music and Lyrics by Krista Heide

We will not be silent anymore

Of the wounds that ache us

We will not fall victim anymore

To the lie that restrains us

We need your healing to

Fall on the broken

To rest on the weary soul

We need a breakthrough

In power and freedom

Release our imprisoned hope


We dare to believe

We dare to believe

That you'll do what you said you would do

We're down on our knees

Down on our knees

This can't be how you meant it to be

We long to see

We long to see

A new release of your promise

Let your kingdom come


We will not be idle anymore

While this need

It surrounds us

We will choose to live our faith once more

In the lives of those around us

Impart your vision for bold transformation

In lost and forgotten lands

Drive our knees to bend low and contend for

The lives of our fellow man.


Listen here: We Dare to Believe

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