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Krista Heide offers a variety of workshops around the themes of creativity, spiritual formation and trauma informed care. These workshops can be offered both online and in person to people of all ages and creative skill.

Here are a sample of some of the workshops available. Please contact to discuss options.

CREATIVE SOUL CARE Workshops (1-2 hours)

(Suitable for church & ministry events or retreats)

      This style of workshop is designed to be a place where your heart and spirit can find both a deeper awareness of the inner movements of your heart, and provide a space to bring these things to God through prayer.

      Through the use of a guided prayerful visual expressive arts exercise, you will be led through a step-by-step exercise meant to bring awareness to the workings of your heart and mind. This exercise will be engaged individually, and no background in art is necessary.

     Once you have finished the art exercise, you will be led through a time of reflection that will allow you to notice what surfaced. You will then be led through a prayer exercise to bring these things to God, and experience His presence, mercy and grace in this space. There will be an optional sharing time another about where you have sensed God's presence and invitation in this new awareness.

 ART Workshops (2+ hours)

(Suitable for small and medium sized groups)

      These workshops provide the materials, facilitation and guidance to walk a group through the process of completing a specific piece of artwork- whether it be a drawing, painting, or reclaimed wood art piece.

     Themes can be developed to coordinate with your event or area of focus. 

EXPRESSIVE ARTS Workshops (1-2 hours)

(Suitable for small and medium sized groups)

     This style of workshop offers imaginative creative materials and prompts to lead a group through an exploratory and reflective creative exercise. Using mediums like paint, collage, drawing or clay, these exercises are designed to encourage a safe place for self expression and reflection. There will be an optional sharing time at the end.

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