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Paintings on Canvas

Krista Heide.png

Original acrylic paintings of various sizes.

Each piece comes with a reflective write up.

Birch Trees - Family Birch
Through the act of painting, I have come to see a forest of birch trees as a picture of family and community. In one small snapshot you can see such a mixture of life, beauty, and uniqueness. The scene also reminds me that as we grow taller and stronger ourselves, we must remember to make time and space for those around us to do the same. Our journey is a shared one.

Pussy Willows - All Things New

The pussy willow has often been seen as a symbol of promise and resurrection. Emerging from the brances of a dry, leafless winter tree, pussy willow blooms are one of the earliest sightings of spring.


As seasons demonstrate, life is about rhythm. No matter the hardship or the barrenness we may be experiencing, there is always a promise of a coming spring where all things will be made new. It may not always look as we expect, but we can know & trust that the seasons will change. 


Nests - Nurturing God's Gifts
I have found a nest to be a powerful image of nurture. God often brings little 'eggs' to our lives in the form of dreams, talents, children or even relationships. No matter how hard we try, we cannot will those gifts to grow. Rather our role must be one of nurturing, where we create an environment that is conducive to growth.
Choosing to nurture often involves some sort of sacrifice. Perhaps it requires laying down other dreams & ambitions for a season. Yet in the gathering those little grasses & little threads, doing the littlethings each day that seem so miniscule & insignificant, those tiny moments are woven together to create a place of safety where those fragile eggs can grow, hatch and find life.


Feathers - Not Alone
When I have stumbled across a fallen feather I have often marvelled at the beauty that can be found in one singular piece of nature. In painting, I was struck by the revelation that you can't have a feather unless there was once a bird full of feathers! 
In a world of individualization, there are many times where we forget about our connectedness to those around us. Mothera Theresa has said that the greatest poverty in this world is loneliness. Far too often there are times when we feel misunderstood, isolated, or alone. But we must remember that when we take the time to engage with those around us, we will always be able to find a place of connection.



Owls - One Who Sees
Being a nocturnal creature, an owl is not overwhelmed by the darkness. By setting its gaze on its prey, an owl can seek out and find that which will keep him nourished & full.
Life can be full of many dark & hard things, but may you have eyes like the owl - who can see through the confusion of it all to find the small thigns that will nourish & fill you. 

Tall Trees - Climb Higher
Trees. Soaring above, always reaching higher. Yet a tree can't grow high, unless it's first willing to grow deep. It must take the time to reach lower and wider. To develop roots. To find nutrients that will keep it healthy and supported.

To climb higher, we must also be willing to reach lower. To be faithful and disciplined in the secret places. To remain grounded. We must choose to stay rooted in that which gives life. 

Baby Birds - It's in You

This summer I watched a baby bird on the ground. At first I thought it was abandoned. Later I saw the mamma patiently watching in the distance.

Parent birds teach their young by forcing them to try for themselves. Sometimes it involves pushing them out of the nest, or staying at a distance so they are forced to fly, swim or look for food on their own. Yet the parent doesn't abandon them. They stay in the distance, calling out, "I know you can! It's in you!"

There is more potential in each one of us than we have experienced. Sometimes we need to be reminded that the capacity and ability is already in us, waiting to be explored.


Water - Ripples & Waves
Water. Flowing. Rushing. Washing. Soaking. Reflecting. Calming. Beauty

Water calls us to observe nature in its grandeur. There is so much to take in: the movement of the ripples and the waves, the subtle changes in the colour palette, the reflection of the sky and land.

Water affects the things around it. Sometimes with fierce power, and sometimes with gentle movement. It wears down rough edges, and washes away the old. It brings life to all of creation. It is refreshing.

May we let ourselves be affected by its goodness.

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